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 The 2019 Hackaday Superconference returns to Pasadena for its fifth annual gathering of engineers, hackers, makers, and electronic enthusiasts. People from all over the world join together for this three-day event, held at the Supplyframe DesignLab and the Los Angeles College of Music.

From Friday, Nov. 15 to Sunday, Nov. 17, the Superconference offers workshops, badge hacking, talks, as well as demos for the attendees to experience.

This year also marks the fifth anniversary of the Hackaday Prize, with the theme: taking a concept from an idea to production. The top 20 Finalists will be judged by a panel of esteemed judges, and the winner will be announced on Saturday evening at the Superconference. With a grand prize of $125,000 and other top prizes, everyone is looking forward to this year’s competition.

Tickets sold out weeks before the event, making the Hackaday Superconference a coveted, can’t miss event. There will be speakers covering many topics from RF circuits to 3D Printing & Laser Cutting for Wearable Electronics. Workshops, such as Intro to Quantum Computing, USB Reverse Engineering, and Badge FPGA Hacking are also a part of the event.

More information about the 2019 Hackaday Superconference can be found on or by contacting conference organizers at

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